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We love a good list of around here, but this video of moms compiling a birthday guest list has taken to the next level. With attendee names like Lord Grantham, Archery, Comeuppance, Totally, and Celery making the cut, it sounds like this is going to be quite the interesting bash.

I decided to continue to develop the pop art style design as I felt the bright colours would work well for a birthday list whilst looking good pinned to a wall. Another consideration was to decide how to include the information for what to get for each person on his or her birthday. I felt a checklist wouldn’t be ideal for this as by using a design which isn’t drawn on it can work year after year so stuck to a system which just told you what was needed. After experimenting in Illustrator below is my final design.

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    Birthdays are usually the most important days in one’s life and expected that their friends would remember their important day. The birthday list template is used for this purpose so that birthday wishes can be made on right day. Now you will not have to rush around for the gift on the last moment just because you have forgotten the birthday of your friend. Use of will not let you forget another birthday, anniversary as it can be used in a variety of layouts and types.

    Good afternoon you lovely people, let’s have a chat about Burberry. God I love that brand, there’s something about it which just screams sophistication and class. But I want to talk to you about why it should be on your wish list, Christmas list or even your birthday list.