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Now, instead of making use of art materials to come up with a great centerpiece, you can make use of the art materials themselves. Use sheet of butcher paper for covering the table, bistro-style. Take out your best-looking art materials. Of course, they have to be clean. If they are not, however, then you can always purchase new ones. This kind of birthday party table decoration idea is perfect for children’s parties since they will never feel bored. They can always take their favorite color of pen or pencil and start doodling.

With the use of this common craft material, you can create a stellar-styled centerpiece for the party table. You can make use of household materials to make everything easier for you. For instance, after you have painted the Styrofoam balls with the colors that pertain to your selected party theme, you can turn over a funnel and attach them with skewers. This birthday party table decoration idea is mostly used for a child’s birthday party, but this can be applied to adult birthday parties as well.

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If you’re still stuck, we’ve compiled some of the best birthday party table decoration ideas in photos below. Feel free to browse through them, and use the ideas for your party

These classic birthday party table decoration ideas never get out of style. Buy wire mesh, one sheet is fine, and cut it to many pieces. The measurements of the cutting do not have to be exact just as long as they are cut into smaller pieces. Get some long balloons and form knots on both ends by using the wires. This will give the item a textured design. Afterwards, wrap them around vases and secure them with twist-ties. You can also make use of your extra wire, if you have any.