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This can be only obtained in Lightning mode. Lightning mode requires you to be very fast and for this one you need to be even faster. To obtain Blazing speed you need to make any 30 FAST moves in a row. You can see the counter in the points bar on the left. The counter starts to fill with orange color and when it's full, you will get this achievement. If the orange color fades, you will not get blazing speed.

There is no shortcut or a sure way to do this. Just try to always look for the next move right after you have done the previous. It doesn’t matter how big moves you do. Actually it might be sometimes better to do two small moves than one big as that way you get two points to the counter. Of course it depends on the situation. The counter is ruthless and will go down pretty fast if you can’t find a move to make. This might take a few tries. Don’t get frustrated!

The Blazing Speed bonus is all about matching fast and scoring big in Bejeweled 3. Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to get this awesome bonus.

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  • Remember to keep the Speed Bonus at 1,000 during Blazing Speed. It is a very helpful way to get a great score.
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    Fast forward a century. Astronomers are now measuring stuff -- material, matter, things -- that moves at so close to the speed of light you might think it'd make Einstein a bit nervous. His theory of relativity appears not to be endangered by the blazing speeds, though.

    Blazing Speed is a available at level 15. Blazing Speed provides a very short boost of movement speed. It has a 25-second cooldown and is not affected by the .