— Tony DiCostanzo, President, BookPal

At the beginning of summer BookPal started working with a new digital marketing agency called…

Oscar's Amateur Radio Adventure

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White Wings

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Chosen (The Elm Stone Saga)


Education in Crisis – courtesy of bookPal

While what happens at launch is critically important, what happens after launch is what truly determines the success of any ecommerce project and how quickly a company is able to realize a positive return on investment. Recently, Internet Retailer profiled our client BookPal in a story detailing their site’s post-launch performance. And we’re happy to say that the results have been impressive, with a 40% increase in conversions, 19% increase in average order value, and a 15% drop in bounce rate.

For more details on the ecommerce solution we deployed for BookPal and how that has directly translated into positive business results, read the .

Source: Transcript by ClassBrain from an infographic by bookPal

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    1. To whom you are selling your books? You need to know who your target audience are, because there is absolutely no point trying to sell your book to people who are basically not interested in reading any book in the first place. If your book is about "How to tell Your Man is lying in 3 easy ways", then you market your book on websites where female traffic is heavy.