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Friendship Bracelet Maker is Safe, Cool to play and Free!

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Friendship bracelets have long been a fun and favorite pastime for kids. Cra-Z-Art's new Shimmer N Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker builds on this trend and offers kids the chance to create their own personalized rubber band bracelets in a fun new way. Making the bracelets is alot like crocheting with a single hook. To make the basic single loop rainbow bracelet, start by placing the bands on the pegs that make up the loom shown in the guide. Then turn your loom around and use the hook to pick and loop it over in the pattern, which is indicated by the guide. The loom's pegs make it easy to guide you under each band. Continue picking and looping until you reach the end of the loom, tie a slip-knot with a loose band, slide the bracelet off, attach an s- clip, and your bracelet is complete.

The My Friendship Bracelet Maker is super simple to use and comes with basic instructions. The knot-tying instructions are given in both prose and picture format – making it easy for even the early reader to get a handle on. Trust me when I say that upon opening the box, you’ll be creating your first piece in no time at all. The instructions included are for the Beginner Level Stripe Pattern like the bracelet you see below. My 8-year old daughter made this one. She gave this product a big thumbs up.

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    This is a Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit. It is used and in Excellent Condition. It has some string in the compartments to start off with, and you can always add more.
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    In addition to on My Friendship Bracelet Maker has a where they share ideas, company news, contests and special promotions. Right now, through the month of October, they are running a promo called to collect pink & white friendship bracelets. Bracelets collected will be delivered to kids that are helping someone battle breast cancer to let them know they are not alone. In addition, $1 from every My Friendship Bracelet Maker kit purchased by a retailer is being donated to breast cancer research. Here is the bracelet I am making to send in to the campaign. The Cancer Cause Ribbon Pattern is rated as Intermediate. I can see already that this is going to be awesome – with the repeated pink breast cancer ribbons surrounded in white! Love it! Quite frankly, I am simply amazed that someone managed to pattern this one out!

    The unit itself is pretty basic in that it is made of hard plastic and has a clip in the shape of a Butterfly that holds your bracelet-in-progress secure. The clip is adjustable, allowing you to slide it up and down the shaft and place it in the optimum position for weaving depending on the length of your threads. There are 10 posts along the bottom which side-by-side create slots that work to keep your threads organized and tangle free as you work. The slots are numbered, so if you use the myfbm patterns, creating is a snap. In addition, there is also a slide out tray on the bottom the unit that holds My Friendship Bracelet Maker threads. The unit comes with 56 individual threads in 14 different colours. The fact that the threads are pre-measured and individually packaged is a dream come true. It makes the unit easy to use right out of the box as there is no setup or prep work involved to get started.