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Brain Games FREE is a DEMO compilation of three stimulating classic games – Mastermind, Memory and Spelling Bee.

- Boost your logic skills with Mastermind over three stages of difficulty and try to crack the code of colored pegs. You only get ten tries to crack the code, so choose your pegs wisely!
The FREE version allows you to play Mastermind with only six colored pegs.

- Improve your concentration and retention ability with Memory as you progress through three stages of difficulty and try to find all the matching cards in the least number of tries to maximise your score(s).
Only the EASY level of Memory is available in the FREE version!

- Spelling Bee is a great way to improve your vocabulary and focus as you race against the clock to master both the spelling and definition of hundreds of words in the shortest time possible!
There are only 50 words in the FREE version.

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Brain Games: Test Your Memory and Attention Span

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  • Play neverending quiz, memory & brain games to train your thinking.

    We humans seek different ways to train our brains, be it solving crosswords or scratching our grey cells to solve a Sudoku puzzle. With the PC and internet revolution, brain games have evolved from simple paper-pencil puzzles and brain teasers to online brain teaser games with attractive graphics and play value. A simple logic puzzle like Sudoku now has different online variations that make everyday puzzle-solving much entertaining and fun. Brain teasers have also evolved in the form of online room escape games, which tests your intelligence by providing few solutions to escape a locked room. Today, there are several online brain games and brain teaser games over the internet. Numerous sites are dedicated to provide the best teasers, puzzles, riddles and other brain games to sharpen your deductive logic kills and improve your intelligence. Here’s an excellent compilation of free online brain games and free websites that have a nice selection of :