i would love the breast flow bottles!

The First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 5 Ounce

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The First Years Breastflow Bottles 5oz 3pk : Target

The Breastflow System is ideal for nursing moms who would like to introduce a bottle or need to supplement while their baby is in day care or with a caregiver. Because Breastflow bottles so closely mimic the feel and action of breastfeeding, care givers can bottle feed baby while Mom is working and Mom can still continue to breastfeed. Breastflow bottles are bisphenol-free (BPA-free).

I have personally used the bottles for a few months with my son. I planned on breastfeeding before he was born and did a lot of research as to what the best bottle would be to supplement. Overall, the Breastflow bottles get great reviews, so I decided on these. I first introduced a bottle to him when he was three weeks old. To my surprise, he took the bottle immediately and had no problems finishing it. We had also tried the that came with my pump, but he would not take to it. The Breastflow bottles were superior in this way. Over the months that I used the Breastflow bottles, there were no problems with nipple confusion when I’d switch between breast and bottle. I thought they were the perfect bottle and recommended them to my friends. At this point the only thing I did not like about them was having the extra nipples to clean.

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I'm currently using Playtex drop ins bottles and I like them but it's getting a little pricey to have to keep buying the liners. I own a Breastflow bottle and I like the idea that it mimic breastfeeding and helps strengthen her jaw muscles, but I was wondering if the nipples supposed to collapse when she's drinking? Here's a pic of the bottle:

Despite the fact that I had a bad experience in the end, there are definitely some good things about the Breastflow bottle. I was definitely into it at first, but later we had to make a change. Maybe the will work for you and your baby.