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Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Cover Set, Domino


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Change or replace your Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover Set with your choice of fabric. The Marathon Car Seat Cover Set includes cover, belly pad and comfort pads. The car seat is NOT included, but is available for individual sale (view the ).

Hearing an ominous splashing sound, you glance in your rear view mirror to find that your toddler has poured sticky liquid all over her Britax Marathon car seat. Luckily, with an extra Britax Marathon car seat cover on hand, cleanup is a snap. A car seat cover is a must-have for times such as these, when a mess means you need to do some washing. Car seat covers are easy to install, and many feature stain-resistant and machine-washable material. These covers also provide a little extra cushioning for your little bundle of joy, and many have a softer texture than the original Britax cover. Whether your princess loves pink, or your little guy adores camouflage, you can make your kids excited about riding in the car by giving them a car seat cover that suits their style. The Britax Marathon can accommodate children as big as 65 pounds, so if your child's tastes change with age, you can customize the seat simply by replacing the cover. With the large inventory of Britax Marathon car seat covers available on eBay, it is easy to find a cover that both you and your toddler love.

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    One (1) USED BRITAX MARATHON convertible car seat cover. Soft velvety, tan colored with black dots. Includes the cover, velcro closure shoulder straps and round crotch pad.
  • Britax Marathon Car Seat Cover by SavvyCovers on Etsy

    This fun, soft nylon cover protects any Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat from
    wear and tear. View larger.

    Freshen Up Your Car Seat
    The Marathon Convertible Car Seat Cover Set provides a quick and affordable way to give your car seat a fresh, playful look, while also protecting it from wear and tear. Designed to fit any Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat (sold separately), each piece of this set helps make riding in the car more fun and comfortable.
    Adorable Pattern; Easy-Care Fabric
    Children will like the delightful pattern of this seat cover, and parents will appreciate the way it complements the car seat. Parents will also like that clean-up of the cover is easy. Made of 100% nylon, the cover face is durable, breathable, and simply wipes clean, so little messes don’t turn into a big problem.
    Keeps Child Comfortable and Secure
    Beyond its cozy comfort, this set also helps ensure that your child is properly positioned and supported while in the seat. The infant positioning pillow keeps babies secure and provides a custom fit, while the two comfort pads and belly pad help your child feel safely surrounded in softness.
    The Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Cover Set is available in the following patterns: Onyx, Cowmooflage, Crocodile, and Mariposa.
    What’s in the Box
    One Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Cover Set; belly pad; and two comfort pads.

    Britax Marathon Car Seat Covers are removable and fully washable. To wash, hand wash using cold water and mild soap and line dry to prevent cover from shrinking.