Britax Parkway SG booster features

Britax Parkway SGL G1.1 Belt-Positioning Booster, Spade


Britax Parkway SG-L: 7 years, 50 pounds, 49 inches tall

Looking for a high back booster and looks like the Britax Parkway is one of the best and going or already on clearance? Anyone know where I can get my hands on one? I am in BC

If you’re just looking for a booster seat that also offers a backless mode, then the Britax Parkway is the best choice. It goes from 40 to 120 pounds, and converts easily to a backless booster seat. You can get the . You can also get the .

Britax Parkway SG-L in backless mode

  • Tiffany says:

    I would love a Britax Parkway booster seat! I have never bought a Britax seat b/c of the cost but oh how I love them. Maybe if we ever have #3 I will splurge and get one. My 3 year old will quickly be ready for the booster.

  • Britax Parkway SG-L: 5.5 years old, 40 pounds, 41 inches tall

    The Britax Parkway has been an outstanding booster for many years. The latest versions are the and . The difference between the two being a $30 price increase for the SGL model that includes LATCH attachments for securing the booster to anchors in most newer vehicles. This is a review of the SGL model, but most comments apply to the SG model as well.

    The Britax Parkway comes in two different models, the SG model and the SGL model. The only difference is that the Britax Parkway SGL offers ISOFLEX which is a flexible lower LATCH connection system that secures the booster seat to the vehicle, in addition to the vehicles seat belts. The Britax Parkway SG lists for $119.99 and the SGL lists for $149.99. Sales prices are listed below.