love the bubble guppies toys 🙂

Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Deluxe Figure Set Toy Playset of 12 with Gil, Molly, Bubble Puppy, Mr.Grouper, Guppies and More!

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Next up are some Bubble Guppies toys. First of which is the . With over 20 songs, phrases and sound effects this guitar is destined to fill your yard with Bubble Guppies sounds and little kid giggles and singing. With buttons for Gil, Bubble Puppy, and Moll,y as well as 4 strings to strum, this guitar is lots of fun to play along with the music.

Have a look on the Fisher Price page to see the other Bubble Guppies toys available. I am pretty impressed with the ones we have tried, and I am sure any young Bubble Guppies fan would love them. Which ones do you think your little one would love the most?

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From the moment MillerBug first laid eyes on these new Bubble Guppies toys, he was completely taken with the ability to see his favorite characters in a whole new light. He began playing school and rolling them in and out of the bus while he created new adventures that were all his own.

To learn more about these fun Bubble Guppies toys from Nickelodeon and Fisher Price and discover how you can bring them into your child’s life today, be sure to check out the today!