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Bubble Guppies Gil, Molly, Mr Grouper and Bubble Puppy 4 Plush Doll Set 8"

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Wait … there's a seventh Bubble Guppy? It appears so when you customize this with your child's picture! Her eyes will light up as she sees herself next to the Bubble Guppy crew with Bubble Puppy.

A Bubble Guppy themed party is something your favorite guppy fan is sure to love, but you can make the party decor extra special by adding touches of personalization for a truly customized look. Our collection of Bubble Guppies party supplies has a variety of decorations that can be personalized with photos and names so your son or daughter feels like the No. 1 gup! From banners to plates, you'll find everything you need to take your party over the top.

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No party is complete without some photo fun! Create the perfect backdrop with the featuring five pieces and measuring over 6 feet tall. Each child will instantly feel like he is one of the Bubble Guppy crew.

If you want to plan party activities, let the Bubble Guppies be your inspiration! Have some fishy fun by placing magnetic fish in the bath or a plastic tub, then have each child take turns capturing as many as he can with a fishing pole or net. Another idea is to give each child a Bubble Guppy bucket and list for a fun age-appropriate scavenger hunt in the backyard. Finally, classic party staples like piñatas are always a winning option.