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Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Ride-On Stroller Board


Lascal Mini Buggy Board Blue/Black 2011 Model

“The wee girl was just shouting help and was really panicked, she was quite young. They grabbed on to the buggy board and I managed to help them back in with the work of Martin and Roisin who got a life ring and pulled us in,” he said.

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bumprider Bump Rider Universal Buggy Board - fits all pushchairs!

Lascal MINI BuggyBoard With Universal Connectors for 18 Months and Above(Red)

Lascal Buggy Board Mini Red/Black

“When I looked around, within five minutes I had seen the girls had drifted out. I decided to go out to the first two on my buggy board, I was nervous but I had to help them.

A stroller buggy board is a useful attachment for strollers designed to allow older kids the benefit of a ride when a smaller baby is using the stroller. The child stands on the board and holds onto the stroller handle. Buggy boards are harder to find in the United States than in other countries. They can also be quite expensive to purchase. However, with a few tools and a little time, it is possible to build your own stroller buggy board. This project can easily be completed in one day.