What I Don't Like About BumGenius Pocket Diapers

BumGenius 4.0 Pocket Cloth Diaper - Snap - Grasshopper - One Size


BumGenius 5.0 Original Pocket Diaper

The bumGenius pocket diaper offers a velcro-style closure to help make adjustments a bit easier on the user, once the rise of the cloth diaper is established. Establishing this rise before-hand to get the right setting for your baby can add a bit more time to your routine. Particularly if you are diapering more than one baby with the same diapers, each diaper may need to be adjusted at every change - a fold here and a snap there and there to will need to set even before the diaper goes on. You don't necessarily have to adjust the rise every time you put on a new cloth diaper for only one baby. Once you have snapped the size of your diaper into place you can leave it for most washings (the insert must still be removed), however, we suggest unfolding and unsnapping the diaper completely every couple of washings, for optimal cleaning results.

A combination of fabulous fabrics, a fantastic fit and a unique design make for a leak-free combination in one smart, well-fitting pocket one-size diaper. These are the NEWEST version of the bumGenius Pocket Diaper - the bumGenius 5.0. The innovative BumGenius cloth diaper is the first pocket diaper to feature stretch tabs and a truly unique One-Size-Fits-All design.

Cloth Diapers at Cotton Babies - makers of bumGenius

  • The trimmest fit possible with the least amount of bulk? Choose a multi-sized diapering system.
  • Convenience when diapering more than one child? Choose a one-size system.
  • Cloth diapers that will last for 2 or more children? Choose multi-sized cloth diapers.
  • The most economical yet convenient system for only ONE child? Choose a one-size system.
  • Minimizing your cloth diaper "clutter" - shopping only one time and then be done with it? One-size cloth diapers were designed with you in mind!
  • Maximum absorbency & the best fit for my babies age/stage? Multi-sized cloth diapers may be a better choice.
  • An all-natural cloth diapering system? bumGenius pocket diapers are 100% polyester. This is a man-made material. You might check out Prefolds or Fitted cloth diapers for something all cotton, organic cotton or a cotton/hemp blend.

Newborn All-In-One Diaper; Accessories

diapers are like a hybrid of sized diapers and one-sized diapers. Their Duo diaper has a customizable rise, but not as much as, say, a bumGenius pocket diaper. Thirsties Duo diapers come in two sizes: 6-8 pounds and 18-40 pounds.

Every bumGenius Pocket Diaper INCLUDES a highly acclaimed Cotton Babies One-Size Insert AND a newborn insert for reduced bulk.