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Bunch O Balloons | Super-fast, self-tying water balloons

Bunch O Balloons allows users to fill and tie up to 100 water balloons per minute, significantly reducing the preparation time before water balloon fights. While playing with his own children, Malone realized how time-consuming and labor-intensive filling water balloons can be. Over the past three years, Malone has been designing a product that reduces the hassle of readying water balloons.

Creator of Bunch O Balloons, Josh Malone, stated, “We’ve spent countless hours developing the perfect system. The final Bunch O Balloons product that we have now has been proven to be the quickest and most efficient way we’ve found to fill and tie water balloons rapidly.”

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Bunch O Balloons is the ultimate way to make water balloons

Bunch O Balloons’ patent-pending construction features three stems, with each stem containing 37 balloons. Each balloon is attached to a stem by a hose coupling and then secured to the coupling by a small o-ring.

Malone noted, “Sometimes, thinking about how long it takes to fill and tie water balloons is enough to dissuade a parent from even wanting to play. With Bunch O Balloons, we’ve taken away that worry. Now you can go from sitting around to throwing water balloons with your kids in minutes.”