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PAX 2 Screen Set (3 Pack) & HumanFriendly Pill Case

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You should check sites like Amazon, Vape World and few more. They occasionally feature coupon code and you will get same product using such coupon at discounted price. But I would suggest you to buy Pax from official site only. In that way you will assure of getting authentic product.

The Pax 2 warranty is an industry leading 10 year limited warranty. Portable vaporizer warranties are more typically one or two years at best. To get the full benefit of the warranty, deal directly with Pax by Ploom. It just makes sense. Why buy the Pax from a store or some other third party when you can buy direct and have it sent to your doorstep.

Pax can only be shipped to the United States & Canada

Pax is destined to become a classic, beloved for generations to come.

I really wanted to emphasize where to buy the Pax 2. That’s something that we really wanted to hit home on. When I was doing background research for the Pax 2 vaporizer review I found a lot of unfortunate people who had, unfortunately, bought a product that they thought was a Pax 2 but wasn’t. When that happens there is not a lot that you can do. This vaporizer really is the best and that is why there are so many imitators trying to take advantage.

Another thing about the pax 2 the charger it comes with is shitty. Its the only downfall of the unit. Everything else is great. If u buy a pax 2 i would get a better charger i ordered one through delta 3d studios just google it. And that was my only issue with this unit but not a big deal , i ordered a good charger for like $15 i think.