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Parents can make their own Candy Land board game for small children. It is an easy game for children and helps them increase their colour recognition and naming skills. The game may also help children count squares. It can be modified to any theme and any candy. If a child has a favourite TV character, incorporate that character into the game as an added theme. Encourage children to learn how to be gracious winners, while also learning that it's OK to lose at board games.

On Wednesday, Landmark Entertainment Group, which developed popular features in the Candy Land board game, filed a lawsuit against Hasbro, contending that the toy company doesn't have the right to license Sony's Columbia Pictures to make a film based on Candy Land characters and environments.

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Craftster user (and YouTube user ) created a garden based on the various iterations of the Candy Land game board. You can in the Craftster boards.

To make a Candy Land board game, simply draw out the game's path on a piece of poster board, write up the playing cards and decorate the board as desired. One can use buttons as playing pieces and a die to generate the players' moves.