Funko POP Marvel: Captain America 3: Civil War Action Figure - Captain America


Avengers - Captain America Bobblehead

, a company once known for sixth scale figures, have been re-born with an emphasis on statues and other unusual items, as well as their first love, models. I'm looking at one tonight that would fall into the unusual category - their Hero Remix Captain America bobblehead.

Measuring 6" tall, we have the Captain America Funko Force Deformed Bobblehead! This Captain America Bobblehead is part of the Funko Force of Bobbleheads, meaning the body is a bit more deformed than the usual, run of the mill, white bread bobblehead! Captain America looks a little peeved in this particular deformed iteration. Cap thought he finally earned his rest, then that damn Quesada brought him back! BENEDICT ARNOLD!


  • The Avengers, Captain America Bobblehead
  • 2016 San Francisco Giants – Giants-themed Captain America Bobblehead