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modern motorsports are no doubt exciting but true blue motorsports fans will agree that 70s was the golden era for such exhilarating sport. the same goes for the toys that replicate those thrilling experience, like the slot car toys that were once popular in the 70s and 80s. so it seems appropriate to combine these two icons of the golden era together and let us relive those glorious moments all over again, and the Slot Mods’ limited edition replica slot car race track featured here allows us to do just that. on the first glance, it looks like just another vintage race car replica that does not nothing but there’s actually a secret lurking underneath that sleek vintage race car. at a push of a button, it unveils an awesome 1:32 scale wooden slot car raceway that comes complete with handcrafted, period-accurate signs, banners, aluminum Armco railing, landscapes and structures.

­Stock car racing is a sport, full of rules and regulations, so­ you might conclude that all car racetracks are the same. After all, how different could they really be?

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    Albany-Saratoga Speedway is a 4/10 mile dirt stock car race track with
    a long and storied history in the Capital District region of New York.
    It is conveniently located on Route 9 in Malta NY, and has been
    continuously hosting stock car races since 1965.

    You might be surprised to learn that they differ as much as any road differs from another in the United States. To understand the differences of stock car racetracks, think of the size, surface and configuration differences of regular roads. Size, surface and configuration are the three major design elements that course designers consider when creating a new track. Some are short lengths while others are long. Some are paved and some are dirt. Most racetracks have an oval shape, but there are different types of ovals. In the end, deciding on configuration comes down to the space designers have to work with and what goals they have for their track.