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Cars Lightning McQueen Races and Jumps into electric wires, causes a big mess, His best bud Mater Arrives to save the day. DISNEY PIXAR Cars Toys Movies Lig...

Cars in movies have always played an important storytelling role in American and foreign cinema and when talking about the top car movies one has to mention , , and all-time greats like and

The 100 Greatest Movie and TV Cars of All Time

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    As we prepare ourselves with the influx of coming from the set of it’s important to remember that it’s not the only automotive-themed movie that’s currently in development in the starry world of Hollywood. Another movie, albeit with a vastly different treatment than the franchise, will have its day in the sun in 2017. I’m talking about the third installment of the bright and cheery Cars movie franchise brought to us by Disney-Pixar. The movie is scheduled to be released in June 16, 2017 but we’re already getting an idea on what we can expect from the movie, including the addition of two new characters that will join Lightning McQueen, Mater, and the rest of the crew.