The cars belong to the same category.

Category Theory for the Sciences (MIT Press)


"Category." From --A Wolfram Web Resource.

Exclusive to travel retail, the Kit Kat Singles pack capitalises on both the growing snacking market and targets women particularly – a market niche not widely explored within this category. “An excellent till point product for impulse sales, this is expected to be a major seller for 2011,” Porchet stated.

In the past year NITR has activated a number of Perfect Store initiatives centred on these principles through four category drivers – Ease of Shop, Relevant Gifting, On the Go Snacking, Engage Entice and Convert – to increase sales within the confectionery category. These are designed to benefit sales by 15-20%.

The category pages themselves contain 2 parts:

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See for further information on category sorting.

The concept is built on key shopper and category insights, with a focus on the following principles:
– Make confectionery EASY to understand and EASY to shop
– Encourage shoppers to INTERACT with the category
– Make confectionery ACCESSIBLE to ALL shoppers
– Build confectionery displays based on HOW shoppers SHOP

Miami (AFP) - Hurricane Matthew strengthened to a Category Two storm early Friday as it churned through the Caribbean near the island of Curacao, US weather forecasters said.