Sport Style Stereo CD Boombox with 3.5mm Audio input jack

Jensen CD-490 Sport Stereo CD Player with AM/FM Radio and Aux Line-In, Red and Black


Insignia NS-B4111 CD Boombox with AM/FM Tuner - Best Buy

They might have changed in size a little from my days of youth, but the Memorex Portable CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio makes an ideal choice for beach and picnics. If you are looking for a gift this holiday season, then the specs on this Memorex Portable Boombox could suit a friend or family member.

Main specs on the Memorex MP3851BLK Portable CD Boombox include a nice bass boost feature for those that like their bass, programmable CD memory, loads CDs from the top with support for Audio CD and CD-R/-RW playback, features Analog AM/FM radio with a digital display, and has a headphone jack along with an auxiliary line-in jack for MP3 players like the iPad.

Jensen AM/FM Radio CD Boombox with LED Display - Target

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