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Charizard has been featured on 28 different cards since it debuted in the of the . Charizard cards are normally . In Japan, Charizard was featured in the released in April 2004, as well as the released in March 2009.

When the became widespread in North America, the Base Set Charizard card was very popular and always in high demand, due to its high HP value and its powerful Fire Spin attack. In trading card magazines, the card’s value often exceeded $60.

Basic Holofoil Card - Charizard 4/102 - Pokemon Charizard Cards

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For those lucky and chosen few, this meant getting your hands on a Charizard card. Shiny, beautiful and worth not nearly as much as we thought it would be 17 years later, this glorified piece of cardboard was the life goal of every eight-year-old. Of course, it was impossibly rare, and it was possible to open 50 packs of cards without spotting the fire-breathing bastard.

After I become able to form sentences again, we continued with the rest of the cards. The third pack started off the same way as the first. Then it happened again: a second Charizard sat in my shaking hands. The fourth and final pack yielded the same result. Unbelievable. Within in the span of 5 minutes, I had become the proud and incredulous owner of three Charizard cards.