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Tip: When doing chemistry for kids, don't worry too much about whether their theories are correct. What is important is that they are coming up with theories and testing them.

I'll bet you never knew that baking cookies could be used to teach chemistry for kids. Heat is great for producing chemical changes. Cookies go from soft to hard, from small to large, and even the taste changes when they are cooked. Take cookie baking to a new level with this yummy chemistry experiment.

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    Chemistry for kids is a lot of fun. At this age, they don't really get the idea of how chemicals form or interact, and that's fine. The goal of chemistry, for kids in first grade or thereabouts, should be to teach that chemistry always brings some sort of change, and to give them opportunities to compare the to the .

    Chemistry for Kids - Hey kids, now learn chemistry in an all new fun and interactive way with our cool videos, interactive media articles and fun projects.