It's never too early to involve children in music

100 Singalong Songs For Kids

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Top 20 Kids Music Songs For Toddlers Dancing and ..

All of these extra lessons are naturally experienced by children in music class. Not every child is meant to be a singer or a dancer but every child can benefit by taking music lessons. Children can greatly benefit from music but always remember to keep it fun for the little ones. Also, take the time to sing and dance with your kids. It is much more fun when you are doing things with your kids.

Music for Young Children® has been teaching children from the ages of 2-10 the foundation of music education and piano playing, in a group situation, for more than 30 years. Today there are over 800 locations on 3 continents, confirming that we are an international leading quality program for early childhood music education.

Hooplakidz Original Children Songs

  • My collection of these wonderful illustrations
    • Dutch Children Playing Music
    • Dutch Children with Presents
    • Dutch Children with Tulips
    • Dutch Children in Delft Blue
    • Dutch Children Headed to School
  • Children's Music - TuneIn Radio

    MYC is the only early-childhood music education method that integrates and utilizes Conservatory repertoire within our own method, working towards each MYC graduate completing their first piano exam and theory exam.

    Our hearts ache when we see sick children, especially those suffering from severe chronic or terminal diseases. While doctors use medications to treat the symptoms, music can provide healing – both for body and soul. Engaging children in music making reduces pain, elevates the spirit and frequently, provides hope. The CMF is dedicated exactly to that.