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Create your own Cinderella Dress Up Storybook and make the beautiful Cinderella your own! Use your imagination and dress up Cinderella in dozens of magnificent ways. With loads of accessories and matching clothes to choose from, pick Cinderella’s tiara, necklace, gloves and dress! Outfit the prince with a matching crown, cape, shoes and a full suit! Choose dresses for Cinderella’s step sisters and read the famous story like never before. Each of the characters are exactly how you designed!

Make your fairy-tale dreams come true with Cinderella! This fashion game lets you change the Disney princess's hairstyle and ball gown. You can select a one-piece gown or mix different tops and skirts. Wear classic slippers and gloves in Cinderella Dream Dress-Up!

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    , 28-year-old Cassie Connor said that she was deeply, emotionally committed to wearing a giant, full-skirted princess dress to her upcoming wedding, which will be held in a farmhouse. She’s 28 years old and a professional makeup artist, so she’s probably got a pretty solid idea of her own personal style at this point, and she said she wanted to do something unexpected like wearing a full Cinderella dress instead of something vampy and sexy, which is what she feels is expected of her.

    "We can remake our fairy tale, because it's always been fairy tale for us." Says Yalonda. The two bought a Cinderella dress and a Belle dress online, and shared the photo shoot with people on Facebook.