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The Copycat Collector: COLLECTION #245: Vintage Circus Toys

For accessories, I decided on circus themed toys, toy chest, baby mobile and cushions to bring the whole theme together. You can find some really cute toys at Ikea which are really reasonably priced. For further enhancing this theme, I also chose a circus themed ottoman for additional seating.

Rolf C. Hagen’s Living World Circus Toys are designed to offer much-needed social interaction, exercise and intellectual fitness to parakeets, canaries and finches. The toys are built not only to entertain, but also to take care of all basic play needs of parakeets, canaries and finches. They come in several brightly colored designs, including mirror toys, abacus toys, circus balance toys, trapeze toys and monkey bar toys.

Schoenhut Circus Toys. | Vintage/Antique Toys | Pinterest

  • Living World Circus Toys
  • Colorful circus toys of a lion, bear, elephant and seal.

    A collection of circus toys. The toys include several lithograph tin mechanical wind-up toys and a ferris wheel. The mechanical toys includes an elephant riding a motor scooter, a flying rocket ride by Schylling Toys, and a pair of wind-up wheeled ducks.

    But in the early 1960s, the circus parade returned and can still be seen in some cities. So, 21st-century children understand the circus toys of the past.