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At Construction Crew we are dedicated to assisting you with your Human Resource requirements and responsibilities. Our services include: Recruitment, Employment Agreements, HR Policy, HR Procedure Manuals, Health and Safety Manuals, Employee Settlement and Retention, HR Audits, HR Strategy Planning and Implementation….

Landmark Construction Crew Energy Upgrades creates eco-friendly, energy-efficient homes that are built for beauty and comfort – because our customers are our primary focus, and the health of our environment is our guiding principle. Call us today, and let us come to you for a complimentary consultation on the possibilities you can achieve with a gorgeous renovation of your existing home!



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    Welcome to Construction Crew Limited, specialising in providing Human Resource solutions for the New Zealand construction sector.
    People are at the heart of our business. We take great pride in facilitating opportunities for career advancement and life enhancement through employment. Our aim is to improve both the financial and human outcomes of business.

    Landmark Construction Crew is a family-owned company built on great work ethic and professionalism and is committed to building a strong community.