Cosco Scenera 40RF Convertible Car Seat

Cosco Apt 40RF Car Seat, Calvin


The Cosco Scenera NEXT is simply a smarter car seat ..

In addition to the reasonable price the Cosco Scenera 40RF has a rear facing capacity
up to forty (40) pounds which is a safety benefit for larger babies.

This Convertible Car Seat was third (3rd) in the ratings as a “Best Buy” and like the Cosco Scenera 40RF doesn’t come with some of the higher end features found in more expensive convertible car seats but it too has a reasonable price and is easy to use.

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Cosco APT 40RF Megan Convertible Car Seat.

The onSide air has the same plastic shell as the Cosco Scenera 40RF but includes Dorel’s Air Protect® side impact technology cushions. Aside from the cushions in the head and shoulder area, the seat can be distinguished on the shelf by the full wrap cover that extends down and under the front of the seat. The onSide air has a continuous harness: the harness strap is one long strap that connects only at the metal splitter plate at the back of the seat. For you statistics junkies, the difference in weight between the onSide air shell and the Scenera 40RF shell is .2 lbs. for the Air Protect cushions. Dorel has recently been emphasizing that users must follow the level lines imprinted on the plastic on the side of the carseat shells. This means that when rear-facing, the onSide air must be installed at a 45° angle regardless of child’s age (see ).

Cosco Scenera 40RF will give you the most bang for your buck. Its lower weight and height capacity makes a better choice for smaller children. Installing Cosco Scenera is also a no biggie. What more! It comes in pink shade, making it perfect for your little girl.