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Couples Halloween costumes can be a 1950s greaser couple, with rolled up jeans, leather jackets and saddle shoes, or a 1940s Bonnie and Clyde duo, with a double-breasted suit and a vintage dress. Create simple couples costumes using garments right out of the closet with with a demonstration from a professional costume designer and makeup artist in this free video on Halloween attire.

In recent years, the idea of celebrating the holiday as a couple has become extremely popular. With all the fun and quirky couple costumes available, the possibilities are endless with our wide variety of famous and not-so-famous twosomes from the past and the present. You can choose to dress historically by becoming Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Romeo and Juliet or Adam and Eve; or step into 21st century politics as Barack and Michelle Obama or George and Laura Bush. During the Halloween season you can pretend to be any movie, television, rock star, Hollywood "it" couple or even cartoon character couple that you want to be. Try one of our humorous couple costumes; you will be all the talk at the water coolers Monday at work. People love how creative and funny they are! Attach yourself to your better half with the Plug and Socket Set Costume, Lock and Key Set Costume or the infamous wedded bliss Ball and Chain Costume! So if you're looking for something wild and crazy this year for that Halloween costume party or night out on the town, consider grabbing a partner and dressing as a famous duo. Whether it's with your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister or even a good friend or co-worker, there is no shortage on ideas for couple costumes, the sky's the limit. Looking for Couples Costume ideas this Halloween? Check out these .


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Putting together a clever Halloween costume ensemble for you and your partner doesn’t have to be expensive. With some inspiration and a trip to your local Goodwill, you can pick up key costume pieces and accessories for a fraction of the cost. Not only that, you’ll be sparing the planet (and your friends) from having to deal with a round of petroleum-based, prepackaged costumes. Here are just a few of our favorite couples costumes to get you inspired.

Couples Halloween costumes for men and women are here! Ever heard the phrase, "Two's company, three's a crowd?" It definitely applies if you're considering kicking up your heels this Halloween as a twosome! The best Halloween costumes are the ones that reflect your personality and say something about who you are. When you go out as a couple, you want your costumes to show off the kind of couple you are together. In our couples costume category you'll find literally hundreds of costume ideas.