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Most companies are operating in the dark ages when it comes to supporting their employees and are missing a huge opportunity. There are three kinds of employees: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. What kind of employees do you want? Your goal should be to discover how to create superstar employees -- the not-so-technical term for those employees who are more productive, creative, loyal, satisfied, entrepreneurial, and who call in sick less often, stay with the company longer, provide greater discretionary effort, and who are able to leap over ordinary employees in a single bound.

So how can you create superstar employees? The answer may surprise you. Stop focusing all of the company's resources into the employee's working hours and start focusing some of these resources on the individual's off hours. Historically, employers have focused on the employee and improving her skills, attitude, and performance at work. But the latest academic research suggest employers can reap incredible benefits if they focus less on the employee during work hours and more on the individual during their other 8 hours. Sound too radical?

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    In this tutorial video you shall be seeing me showing you guys how to edit/clone existing WWE superstars in WWE 2K14 create a superstar mode! One of the funniest video's iv made by far. You are able to pretty much do whatever you want to the superstars including turning them into horrible disgusting mutants!

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