Love this girly ruffle crib skirt!

American Baby Company 100% Cotton Percale Crib Skirt, Gray, Ruffle


Perfect idea to reuse the crib skirt!!!

Mine is a bit of a project…But I cut my old bumper pads, sheets, and crib skirt into 2" strips, sewed them together lengthwise, and am now balling them so I can braid them together and make a braided rug for my girl's future shared room. Thrifty, sentimental, the color scheme I still want, and soon to be a beautiful braided rug I have always dreamed of making!

Wow, I’m SO glad you posted this! I’ve been looking for a crib skirt & have had no luck; within the last week I had decided I should make my own… the only problem is that we don’t own a sewing machine & can barely sew a button back on our pants to save our lives, haha. This sure gives me hope – so thank you! I love the fabric you chose too, adorable! Looks great!

Love the crib skirt! Pinning for future use…for the dog. 😛

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    oh my gosh…i don’t know much about cribs and skirts but i DO know the majority of baby stuff is WAY overpriced so bravo, YHL, for a DIY that rocks! i love that the colors aren’t matchy matchy too! she’s gonna be the happiest lil’ peanut in her pretty room ;) cheers!

    The girls room in coming together. I finished up the and crib skirt this last week. If I couldn’t find a grey crib sheet, I knew for sure I wouldn’t be finding a grey crib skirt. So, I made one with fabric that is in the . This skirt is made to just touch the floor when the mattress is on the lowest setting.