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said that over time had been drawn to resemble a juvenile more with a relatively larger head, larger eyes, a larger and more bulging , a less sloping and more rounded forehead, shorter, thicker and "pudgier" legs, thicker arms and a thicker snout which gave the appearance of being less protrusive. Gould suggested that this change in Mickey's image was intended to increase his popularity by making him appear cuter and "inoffensive". Gould said that the neotenous changes to Mickey's form were similar to the .

Mark J. Estren, Ph.D. in psychology from the , said cute animals get more public attention and scientific study due to having physical characteristics that would be considered from the perspective of . Estren said that humans should be mindful of their bias for cute animals, so animals that would not be considered cute are also valued in addition to cute animals.

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Doug Jones, a in anthropology at , said that the faces of monkeys, dogs, birds and even the fronts of cars can be made to appear cuter by morphing them with a "" () . Jones said that negative cardioidal strain results in faces appearing less mature and cuter by causing facial features at the top of the face to expand outward and upward while causing features at the bottom of the face to contract inward and upward.

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