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The Daily Bugle: Spider-Man Exclusive

In the multi-platform video game the Daily Bugle is a recurring battleground throughout the story mode and available in the versus mode. Here the rooftop is surrounded by three destructible walls, and covered with explosive barrels, air conditioners, pipes, and poles for use in battle. Even the trademark letters that form "Daily Bugle" are available for throwing at enemies once damaged.

In this reality, the Daily Bugle building housed the until it was damaged during the events of , forcing the company to temporarily close down. It was later reformed to house the offices of the Daily Bugle once more, but now dedicated as an online news portal exclusively. A ".com" was added below the classic sign.

Classic Spider-Man Villain Art for The Daily Bugle — GeekTyrant

Daily Bugle
The Daily Bugle.
Name Daily Bugle
Franchise Marvel Comics, Spider-Man Comics
Type Set Piece

Classic Spider-Man Villain Art for The Daily Bugle — GeekTyrant

The Daily Bugle building was later destroyed by . Later after their shares were reacquired from Bennett, and Mayor Jameson give to Joe Robertson, who was gone rogue with most of the DB!'s staff ("The DB!" being the name of the Daily Bugle under Bennet's rule) to the , the rights over the use the Daily Bugle's name.

The Daily Bugle Corporation is a Corporation which gives out a tabloid newspaper and has a show called Daily Bugle Communications. is the publisher and presents Daily Bugle Communications. The Corporation is settled in the center of in .