Would like to purchase a dareway

Dareway 12 Volt Scooter Blue

Too low to display

Below is the transcript of the Dareway commercial:

Dareway is available in stores. We found one for sale at a local Toys R Us for $199. This appears to be the standard cost of the item, although it can be seen for as much as $219.

If you’re thinking of picking up a Dareway in lieu of the more expensive Segway, you may want to think again. Here are some key Segway vs Dareway comparisons:

Dareway, the awesome new way to ride!

  • Misty Shull Clark

    We like the Dareway all except the tires… It has hard plastic tires & needs to have actual rubber tires.

  • ... Feber Dareway 12v kids Ride on Balance Scooter - Blue.

    In 2015, a second-gen product called Dareway Revolution was released. This product includes a number of updated features, and the cost is about $50 more than the original Dareway. Read a full review of that product .

    Clearly, the Dareway is not comparable to the Segway, aside from general design features. If the regular Dareway seems too tame for you, consider moving up to a Dareway Revolution.