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DC Multiverse is Mattel’s new collector focused 4 inch line of action figures. The line will pull from all versions of the DC Universe over time, focusing on comics, movies, games and more. Wave 1 is trickling out now and has an Arkham Video Game theme showcasing both heroes and villains in their game styled suits. Included this round is Batman, Armored Batman, Azrael, Bane, Deadshot and Mr. Freeze. So, how does Mattel’s new adult focused line stack up to industry standards that have come before it? Read on to see our thoughts and over 90 shots of the wave 1 figures courtesy of site sponsor !

Considering the fact that crossover adventures between the Justice League and the Justice Society laid the very basis of the DC Multiverse to begin with, it’s just terribly ironic that the present DC editorial staff still hasn’t figured out a way to properly integrate them into the rebooted continuity. This represents a major defect in DC culture that hopefully, The Multiversity will begin to help ameliorate.

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    DC Comics Multiverse is a change in gears for Mattel. They’ve been trying to find footing with their DC license over the last couple years, slowly phasing out DC Universe Classics which ran for a long while. Their movie figures for Batman, Green Lantern and Superman have been hit or miss with collectors (with a lot of miss). That being said – their kid friendly Batman, Justice League, and recently released Total Heroes seem to be doing well for their goal. DC Comics Multiverse is their jump into the 3.75 / 4 Inch arena which is dominated by Marvel Universe, G.I. Joe and Star Wars. Each with their own kiddie and adult focused versions. Those are some big opponents in the ring. What stands out here, at least from initial hype at the conventions and even branding on the packaging, is that these are aimed at an “Adult Collector”. Mass retail, reasonably priced, adult collectibles based on the DC Universe? Sounds too good to be true. Let’s find out.

    The DC Multiverse was born in September of 1961, with a story by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino called “The Flash of Two Worlds.” The Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen) vibrates his molecules and unwittingly ends up on Earth-2, inhabited by the Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) and the Justice Society of America. The was that in Barry Allen’s universe, Jay Garrick was the fictional comic book character on which he based his real-life super persona. So, what Barry thought was just a comic book was actually Jay’s reality. And meanwhile, here we were reading a comic book about this in our own dimension, the one we perceive as reality.