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Pursuit: Caroline Rayner's obsession began when she bought a Mickey mouse toy at the age of three (left). She now owns a larger version of the toy (right) and wants to break the world record for Disney collecting

Earlier this year, a new website was launched for lovers of Disney collectibles, small and large, common and rare. This unique site, , was just what was needed! Collect the Mouse is different in the fact that it is not selling Disney collectibles. This site is solely for people who love all things Disney and want to either display photos of their collections, view photos of other Disney collections or both!

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designer living in Pennsylvania, has a huge love for Disney and Disney collections. He doesn’t have a huge collection himself, but he has always loved looking at other’s collections. Once they came up with the idea, they had to find pictures of collections! Scott (@collecTM) reached out via his Twitter network to gather photos. The wonderful Disney community had an overwhelming response. He was able to post many photos from his Twitter friends.

The 2012 year mark is the palm frond. A palm frond was chosen in honor of the 1967 animated classic 'The Jungle Book.' This was the last film released that Walt Disney was personally involved with. When the Walt Disney Classics Collection made its debut in 1992, the original premise was to only release sculpts from those films that Walt Disney was involved with.