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These are my tributes to my favorite disney movies and moments.

Holy shit, that's dark. Scar was more than happy to go down with the kingdom he burned to the ground. It's not often that you see a Disney movie that ends with the villain winning on his own terms. That's probably why this disturbing scene never made it to the big screen.Â

If this sounds way too heavy and depressing for a Disney movie, that's because it is. The idea of a mandatory visual marker denoting what class of being you belong to is just a smidge Hitlery. But before they wised up, the production team had gotten pretty far with the shock collar premise. Everything was storyboarded out, including a heartbreaking scene involving a child learning the hard truth about being a predator.

Which animated Disney movie should become a new Broadway musical?

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A Disney movie based on a true story? Sounds like a promising idea. But then it turns out to be a snore-through love story. It’s not the certain historical inaccuracies that are involved. The title character and her boyfriend are so boring! And how many songs can you remember? Well, I can only remember two of them; Savages, the best one(!), Colors Of The Wind, which is fine, not exactly When You Wish Upon A Star, but aside from that, not much of a musical. I give Pocahontas credit for its different animation techniques. But even my brother remembers the boredom we experienced from this film. It’s not the worst (see above), but definitely the weakest from the Disney Renaissance.

My Disney/Pixar collages. These are my tributes to my favorite disney movies and moments.. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Disney club tagged: disney movie film animated and live action movie enchanted screen capture.