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Traditional dolls are sometimes used as children's playthings, but they may also have spiritual, magical and ritual value. There is no defined line between spiritual dolls and toys. In some cultures dolls that had been used in rituals were given to children. They were also used in children's education and as carriers of cultural heritage. In other cultures dolls were considered too laden with magical powers to allow children to play with them.

A doll is a model of a human being, often used as a for children. Dolls have traditionally been used in magic and religious rituals throughout the world, and traditional dolls made of materials such as clay and wood are found in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. The earliest documented dolls go back to the ancient civilizations of , and . The use of dolls as toys was documented in Greece around 100 AD. They have been made as crude, rudimentary playthings as well as elaborate . Modern doll manufacturing has its roots in Germany, going back to the 15th century. With and new materials such as and , dolls were increasingly mass-produced. During the 20th century, dolls became increasingly popular as .

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All of the American Girl dolls and toys are focused on empowering girls and teaching them positive lessons. They encourage girls to stand up for what they believe in, take on challenges and learn to handle difficult emotions. The dolls do not wear skimpy clothing or act inappropriately. In the stories they may occasionally misbehave or make a mistake, but they always learn a lesson as a result. While girls will enjoy playing with the dolls and reading the stories, parents can rest easy knowing they are learning valuable lessons at the same time.

It started with a simple book series featuring three girls: Samantha, Kirsten and Molly. Each grew up in a different time period, and each had exciting adventures to share with young readers. Stories included unique historical references that educated young girls on how life was during a different era. Today, the American Girl collection has expanded to include more female heroines and more avid fans. The stories and American Girl dolls and toys are must-haves for little girls and collectors alike.