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Another object is to provide an exterior door lock cover with a lift tab on its face, to access a keyhole in an exterior doorknob lock or an exterior dead bolt lock, without having to completely remove the cover therefrom.

An additional object is to provide an exterior door lock cover in which the lift tab will automatically go back over the keyhole when the key is withdrawn from the lock, so as to stop the accumulation of contaminants that will build up and clog the lock mechanism within the keyhole.

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A primary object of the present invention is to provide an exterior door lock cover that will overcome the shortcomings of the prior art devices.

The instant invention is shown in FIGS. 4 through 6 and consists of an exterior door lock cover 22 comprising a flexible sleeve 24 which fits over the exterior exposed lock member 10 having the keyhole 12 on an exterior door 16. The flexible sleeve 24 will stop any contaminants 20 from entering the keyhole 12 in the lock member 10 which can accumulate and clog the lock member 10 and prevent the proper insertion of a key 26 into the keyhole 12 for operating the lock member 10.