Each dresser tray is one-of-a kind.

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A Union T porcelain dresser tray. The oval tray features floral transfer decoration with alternating floral baskets and ovals with three roses. The unglazed underside has the maker’s mark “Union T Czecho-Slovakia.”

Coming home after a long days work leaves you with little desire to make fuss around with keys, phone and accessories Right after you walk through the door, you hang up your coat and then put your bag down. But you are still weighed down by keys, extra change, wallet, etc. Rather than scattering all of these items in random places around your home, try this instead. Our Dresser Valet Tray is the answer to this problem because it gives these unwanted items a place to be kept until they are needed again. This light weight leather style valet tray can easily be placed anywhere around the house and its size is compact enough so that little space is required. Measuring to 4 ½” l x 4 ½” w, this valet tray will make unwinding simple with its usefulness. Size: Snap close approx. 4.5" x 4.5" Please Note: Personalized items require an extra day or more for processing.

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Vanity Trays to Mirror Your Trinkets Mirror, mirror on the table where should I put you today? Mirrored vanity trays have a million and one uses. In the bedroom a mirrored vanity tray is a pretty dresser tray for your cufflinks, watch and other jewelry. If you fill a little mirrored vanity tray with flowers or jam jars in the kitchen or dining room, you instantly add color just by magnifying nature. A mirrored tray on the bar with lemons & limes is less expected than an ordinary bowl, and reflects the yellows and greens. The best thing about using mirrored trays for entertaining is they look great even when empty. But they are not just decorative accessories for bedrooms and bathrooms. Mirrored vanity trays are a lovely decorative accent in any room of your home.

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    Wood and metal dresser trays are other options to consider. It's usually best to keep metal dresser trays in the same color as any other metals used in the room's decor, such as on furniture handles or lamps. Unfinished wood dresser tray designs can look great in rustic styled bedrooms, while carved, stained options may be better for more traditional rooms.

    You know you have them laying somewhere in a box in your home. Those old picture frames you just can’t stand to throw away, but just don’t like the looks of hanging on your wall. You know they aren’t a piece of trash, but what are they? For me, they are the beginning of amazing upcycle ideas that transform something simple and budget-friendly into something great. This simple project takes an ugly old picture frame and turns it into a useful dresser tray that can hold jewelry, perfume, makeup, or even your wallet.