Retractable Driveway Guard - 25ft

Kidkusion Non Retractable Driveway Safety Net, Orange, 18'


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Stay out of the street! Use our RETRACTABLE Driveway Guard to establish boundaries for your children and neighborhood traffic. No more chasing balls into the street. This black, retractable net, is 36 high and is mounted into the ground on either side of the driveway using pvc ground sleeves. Creates a visual barrier for children and cars too. Best of all the weather proof net retracts back into its storage canister for easy storage. This product is a winner of the Parenting Magazine Seal of Approval.

Set the second 2-foot-long pipe into the ground on the opposite side of the driveway using the same technique as you did with the first pipe. These are permanent supports for the driveway guard fence posts.

KidKusion Kid Safe Manual Driveway Guard - 18 ft

Package Contents The package contains 1 retractable 25' driveway guard with 2 ground sleeves
Material The net housing is made of weather-resistant plastic, the net is a UV-protected polyethylene mesh and the ground sleeves are PVC

KidKusion Retractable Driveway Guard - Black - 25 ft

Driveway guards help keep kids safe, acting as a barrier between the driveway and street. The bright orange color gets attention and open mesh material lets anyone approaching the driveway see children at play. Riding bikes and games of tag have less risk of kids accidentally going too far. The location for a driveway guard depends on the property. A guard across the drive just outside the garage lets kids practice rollerskating without entering the driveway; at the end of the drive, the yard is accessible. Removable fence posts mean the guard doesn’t have to stay up all the time.

Meant to be a visual barrier between playing children and street traffic, the Retractable Driveway Guard is perfect for boundary reinforcement. Sure, your little one knows he or she is not supposed to bike into the street, but this handy tool will make sure of it! Additionally, its bright orange color will warn drivers not to enter the driveway where your child is playing.