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Samsung DVD-E360 DVD Player (Black)


| Version: Easy DVD Player 4.6.4

Battery Life: How Long Will It Really Last?
Most portable DVD players come with built-in batteries, and manufacturers promise playback times between two and five hours. We decided to test these claims by playing DVDs on loop with the screen set to its maximum brightness. Then, we timed each device to see how long it would play before shutting down. We found a large variety of test results. Some players promised a shorter battery life than they delivered, while a few others could not live up to their promises. The biggest surprise was the Audiovox DS2058, which promises five hours playback time on a full charge but delivered over eight hours during our test.

Portable DVD Players: What Features Should You Look For?
Most people who buy portable DVD players will install them in the back seat of their vehicle for the kids to use during trips. Since kids will be the primary users of the device, parents want to set up some basic rules, and parental controls allow you to create usage limitations. If your child is in a booster seat and cannot reach the player, a remote control lets them choose what they want to watch. Also, make sure the player has anti-skipping, so that the DVD will maintain a smooth playback, even over bumpy roads. In order to get the most out of your DVD player, you’ll want to set rules for your children to make sure they know how to properly use the devices.

Boom! Your Windows 8 compatible DVD player problems are solved.

Samsung has improved the connectivity of the DVD-D530 transforming your DVD player a gateway to your home entertainment system. The USB connection allows you to connect directly to photo and video cameras, without having to copy the file on your PC first. With the same ease you can connect devices that use a wide range of formats and enjoy all your favorite content sitting comfortably on your couch.

If you want to see images in exceptional quality on your TV, then the HDMI, which combines perfectly with the digital Samsung TV, will give you exactly what your eyes want. The DVD stands out for its ability to obtain high speeds with exceptional results. In the most up-scaling allows you to view images in high definition to standard definition, and advanced BD Wise sets up a communication automatically and smoothly between the player and your Samsung TV for optimal settings. In this way, you will experience a vision encompassing every time. All without having to manually adjust the settings on your TV.

  • Playback Media: DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD + R, DVD + RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW
  • Compatible formats: MP3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG-4, DivX
Quality & Features
  • Progressive Scan: Yes
  • Digital to Analog Converter: 12 Bit / 148 MHz / 24-bit / 192 kHz
  • HD Upconversion: Yes
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound: Yes
  • Instant Replay: No
  • Instant Skip: No
  • Moving Zoom: One
  • Super Scan Playback: One
  • Practicality: Protection for Children: Yes
Front Panel
  • Color: BLACK
  • FLT Display: LED
  • Microphone: No
  • Volume microphone: No

| Version: Easy DVD Player 4.6.4

Unfortunately, WinX DVD Player has so many points against it that it's hard to see it in a positive light. Installation was buggy, the registration message is irritating, the floating toolbar doesn't disappear when watching in full screen mode, there is no information when you hover over options (meaning you don't know what you are clicking before you do it), and last, but certainly not least, WinX DVD Player is arguably unattractive.

Portable DVD Players: How Will the Manufacturer Support Your DVD Player?
Because portable DVD players have low prices and rely on older technologies, manufacturers offer little support for them. Most players come with a 90-day warranty, although a few will come with up to one year of coverage. In terms of technical support, we look for companies that offer email, phone or live chat contact options.