(It was acquired by Toys “R” Us in February 2009).

Funko POP Movies: E.T. - E.T. Action Figure


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This is important because I am mourning the loss of a great brand. I am mourning the demise of eToys because its brand touched me in powerful ways. Did I use it? It’s a great question and needs to be asked. I did, once, a year ago this past Christmas. And I swore I would never shop it again. I kept my word. As a brand man, I feel the need to weigh in on all the turmoil in the Internet commerce today and set the record straight.

The Internet is an incredibly viable business frontier, one that craves great branding to a greater degree than any other vehicle I know. I also want to go on record as applauding the eToys brand as a job done brilliantly well. I didn’t shed a tear when the myriad of online pet stores closed their doors or when CD Now warned of impending doom. But I am sad about eToys. It is as if a valued friend has passed away.

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Most of my contemporaries have a short list of must see films this summer than include the likes of Iron Man, Indiana Jones, X-Files, and The Dark Knight. Those are all on my list too (in fact, there's a movie opening every weekend from the beginning of May til the end of July that I must see), but there's another one that is very, very high on my list of most anticipated: WALL-E. Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth-Class, for those who were wondering.

For me to be interested, it's enough that Pixar is running the show. I don't think they've made a bad film yet, although some are clearly better than others. But when I realized that there was almost no dialog in the film, and that they were trying to tell a space love story...well, that seals the deal for me.

The movie is scheduled for release June 27th, but the toys are all ready hitting Toys R Us stores, with other major retailers to follow. There are small figures in the 3 - 5" range (reviewed here tonight) as well as larger figures more in the 6" range. What scale these actually are sort of depends on how big you think WALL-E should be compared to other folks.

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