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Also, there is the applications aspect, which should be taken into consideration seriously. Therefore, there are special apps featured by tablets nowadays, apps that can’t be found on netbooks or notebooks. Also, you have some educational tablets on the market today, as it is the case of the or the , devices that could be used in kindergarten to make the kids even more comfortable with tablets use.

In terms of the raw specifications, the Intel Education tablet with a 10-inch screen features dual-core Intel Atom processor Z2460 and Android 4.0. It offers 6.5 hours of battery life, and weighs 1.5 lbs. The seven-inch version of the tablet comes with single-core Intel Atom processor Z2420, Android 4.1. It offers nearly 8 hours of battery life and weighs .78 lbs.

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  • All educational resources in one place: All educational resources from textbooks to notebooks can be stored in one place.  Exercise sheets, notes, power point presentations, assignments and much more can be stored in a tablet.  Educational tablets can exclusively be used for educational purposes.
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    Intel has recently announced 2 educational Android 4.x tablets: The 10″ Intel Education Tablet powered by Intel , and the 7″ Intel Education Tablet based on the newer Intel . Beside standard features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dual cameras, etc…, the tablets also come with items such as a temperature probe, and a snap-on magnification lenses for experimentation, as well as a educational software.

    The chipmaker’s 10-inch Education Tablet runs Android 4.0, code-named Ice Cream Sandwich, while the 7-inch tablet runs Android 4.1, code-named Jelly Bean. Information about the tablet designs earlier this month, and by the IDG News Service.