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Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


Electric dirtbike brushless 15 kW

Using zero-emission electric dirtbikes as an engagement tool, there are also plans for the North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service to run their award-winning LIFE courses on site too.

The dirtbike’s savior may turn out to be electric power. operates an off-road riding facility dedicated to renting quiet and easy to operate Zero Motorcycles e-bikes in North Carolina, and I predict we’ll see similar operations popping up over the next several years. Or imagine transforming an old warehouse into an indoor, all-season riding location for electrically powered dirtbikes, whether you BYOB or rent one.

"Street Racing" Electric Dirtbikes

  • Kevin Duke

    Exactly! It’s the perfect mission for an electric dirtbike.

  • Scrappy - Bush Electric Dirtbike