Explore and More hosts Touch-a-Truck event

Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Toy, Hedgehog


Explore & More Children’s Museum

is an educational place space for children ages 0-8 located on the north side of Chicago. Equipped with a crawl space for infants, this can easily become a favorite for parents with small children. The facility is ran by two physician parents so health and safety are a priority. Most of the products used are also earth friendly. Explore and Much more offers special classes, open play and birthday party options.

Explore and More is aptly named. Our grandchildren really enjoyed all the fun things they offer. A great place to take children, especially if the weather isn't suitable to be outside. We were there earlier with our grandchildren and I gave a gift to the parents of 4 children recently.

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The Explore More project is supported by funds from the Roy J

My 3-year-old daughter and I decided to make the trek to Explore and More yesterday. Despite the long drive, it was absolutely worth it!I had initially heard some lukewarm reviews about the place, so I went in skeptically; however, after talking to one of the owners (a former preschool teacher) and spending 2 hours there, I was hooked! The...

We are always looking for breakthrough products when walking our way through the ABC Kids Expo, and this year, knocked our socks off with their Explore and More Amazing Arch Activity Gym. They’ve taken the baby playmat to a whole new level.