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This is obviously a huge load of nonsense, but how are girls still figuring out the world supposed to know this while being bombarded with sex sex and more sex? It might be a great idea to dedicate a whole semester to discussing all of the things that are amazing about women that have nothing to do with sex. This may go a long way to solving the teen pregnancy problem. At least it’s a better solution than playing house with fake baby dolls.

One more thing the makers of fake baby dolls didn’t consider is how much teens like attention. What is a great way to get attention? Carry around a baby! Even though the babies used in this experience are fake, you can bet your bottom dollar people in the grocery store and the post office are still oohing and aahing all over their little plastic faces.

MEET the women who spend thousands of pounds on life-like baby dolls.

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Enter: creepy fake baby dolls designed to get teens to think it over before having sex. In fact, the American version of the doll is named , manufactured by Reality Works. The faux baby cries and needs to be fed, burped, changed or comforted to stop its wailing. The doll also tracks any mistreatment such as rough handling or abandonment. Sounds like a real baby, right? Well…read on to find out why these freaky dolls aren’t really what they seem.