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Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival: The Essential Guide for Family Preparedness


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We believe that self-storage should be a viable and affordable option for all military members so that they do not have to dispose or sell their home furnishings due to small housing on Okinawa. In addition, it is our objective that self-storage should be located in convenient areas on Okinawa. We offer typhoon resistant storage facilities equipped with humidity control systems to reduce the humidity in your storage unit. Okinawa Family Storage is led by a team of experienced professionals in self-storage ready to assist your family in all your storage needs!

We will bring to you the latest detailed information about Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness and how to get started with your own Family Home Storage Plan.. We hope that this information will be useful. We will often post new, relevant and informative articles on our webpage and blog. Please check back to see whats new! The blog is setup so that you, the user, can share your information about preparedness and food storage. Feel free to stop by often and be a participator on a regular basis. We hope our online stores and ads will bring attention to you about bargains and deals on needed food storage and physical emergency preparedness supplies. You may contact us by linking to the “Contact Us” button. Thanks for visiting us today.

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