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Our Camelio Family Tablet Review is a summary of the most important aspects of a tablet. Read the following for our full specs review for the Camelio.

The Camelio Family Tablet was created by Vivitar, a general electronics manufacturer. This tablet costs under $100, which is definitely of the more affordable variety. Like most tablets of this spectrum, it is it has lower specs than those over $150. However, as you will see, you get a bit more value out of this one than others of this price.

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    Motorola has back with announced the availability of its latest called Xoom Family Edition. Motorola Familiy Edition tablet comes with a cheaper price and offers more kid-friendly version tablet. This 10.1-inch tablet will be released in 16GB of storage, and it uses Wi_fi only. The Xoom Family Edition tablet comes with the Kid Zone by Zoodles app, which also serve as a gateway of sorts for kids, which allowing them to access a range of content that’s been preselected by parents.

    We’re also doing some serious living room multitasking, updating social media, streaming videos, shopping and generally messing about on the Internet – while the TV burbles in the background. This pleasing family tableau might not include actually talking to each other, but at least we're sitting in the same room.