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You may have heard of a new type of board game that is sweeping across the United States. These games are called "strategy board games". They also go by "family board games" or "modern board...

World's Most Famous Board Games (WMFBG) is a collection of 11 classic board games. In this game you can compete against your friend in a multiplayer mode, or hone your skills against the computer in single player. The rules of the games are standard, but if you are unfamiliar with a game, each one has a tutorial that explains the rules and objectives. WMFBG is a great game that houses a lot of the most famous classic board games.

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In World's Most Famous Board Games you have the option to play from one of eleven games. These games are: chess, backgammon, reversi, Chinese checkers, checkers, Pachisi, blocked, Snakes and Ladders, Catch the Hat, Nine Men's Morris, and peg solitaire. Each game offers an explanation of both the rules and the gameplay which are given in the instructions. Most games have you using the mouse to control pieces and roll the die. Also, each game pits you against either a computer with an adjustable difficulty (feather is easy, weight equals medium, and the anvil is the hardest level), or another player that plays on the same computer. Playing a friend is more fun because the human interaction brings about a level of competition that is hard to come by playing the computer.

Overall, World's Most Famous Board Games is a nice collection of 11 classic board games. The game in itself is fun to play and has nothing physically wrong with it. Since there is no option to play online the game is limiting, especially since many of the games it contains come standard with Windows and can be accessed online. If you are interested in classic games and are not looking to test your skills against others over the internet this game might be perfect for you. Play with the knowledge that you can not play others except for at your computer and you will probably be more than satisfied. Since the download is free to try, give it a go and try this game for yourself